VELscope® oral cancer screening uses Fluorescence Visualization (FV) in an exciting new way. A bright blue light is shone into the mouth to see changes and lesions that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. One of the biggest difficulties in diagnosing oral cancer is that its symptoms look similar to symptoms of less serious problems. The VELscope® System affords the dentist important insight to see what is happening beneath the surface. This system is FDA approved and helps diagnose oral cancer in its earliest stages. This procedure is in addition to our full examination.

The healthy soft tissue of the mouth naturally absorbs the VELscope® frequency of blue light. The healthy areas beneath the surface show up green while the problem areas become much darker. 

This examination takes a few minutes and is a painless and noninvasive procedure that saves lives every year. The lights in the room are dimmed to allow clear view of the oral cavity. If symptoms are noted, the dentist may take a biopsy then to determine whether or not this is oral cancer. 

If you have any additional questions on this procedure, please contact our office.

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